Webinar – Lessons from 70,000 riders

Curious what lessons can be learned from 70,000 new, occasional, and regular riders from across the UK?

We’ve surveyed more than 70,000 people in the UK and asked them what barriers they face to cycling and to cycling to work. The findings have been very interesting as we compare responses from the many different UK regions we’ve worked in over the years.

We are sharing some of the core research lessons in a series of webinars over the next few months.

This first webinar will discuss barriers, motivations, and demographics. It will provide interesting insights to anyone working in cycling promotion and/or transport planning.

There will be a 25 minute presentation followed by Q and A. Tune in for the first 30 minutes or stay for the whole hour.


To makes sure as many people as possible can attend, we have two dates available:

Friday 16 December – 2pm – Register

Thursday 12 January – 2pm – Register


We are excited to share these insights with you and your colleagues. So please do invite your colleagues to also attend this free and insightful webinar.


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Always nice to hear stories

We love hearing stories from all over the world of people and places that have benefited from our work.

We got this email the other day after running a month long encouragement programme in a city:


Hi Jenny,


Thought you might like some anecdotal feedback from Rose Street. As I locked up my bike this morning, another Rose St cyclist said ‘I can’t believe how many people are riding bikes at the moment, even now the weather is getting colder. Has a new organisation of cyclists started here or something?’ Knowing about Love to Ride I was impressed that there has been a noticeable difference.
All the best


Meeting Access Fund Criteria + Winning Your Bid


The core revenue funding in England for cycling & walking is delivered through the DfT’s Access Fund. Successful bids will have 3 years of funding to help in the delivery of their local initiatives and programmes.


Meeting the Criteria

Bids will need to show how they will meet two of the key criteria:

  • Improve access to employment, education, and trainingRide Report Dashboard
  • Be effective at encouraging more people to walk and cycle

Love to Ride Access Fund Elements:

Comprehensive year round cycling encouragement programme – including 3 focussed and intensive periods of engagement, links to and promotion of your other local initiatives, and engagement of workplaces, schools and higher education institutions.

GPS data gathering and analysis tool – cutting edge technology improving cycling, walking and sustainable transport in your area with real data and best in class data analysis tools (which are thankfully very easy to use!). Learn more here.

Walking InitiativesWe’ve been asked by some local authorities what we’d recommend to encourage walking and to complement their Love to Ride programme. Find out more about those here.

Access Fund Two Pager



Read our 2 pager on how we will support your Access Fund


Interested in how we can support your Access Fund bid?  Get in touch with Sam Robinson – sam@lovetoride.org



What participants said…

Below are a few of the emails that we got just in the last week from people who have engaged with Love to Ride. These stories are what it’s all about!


“Dear Love to Ride Team,

Thank you so much for this Awesome program.

It has motivated me to get back on my bike after 24 years, something I was always scared to do.

I have been riding ALL over and am now feeling the fun and freedom I used to feel as a little girl.

I love the feeling of the wind blowing in my hair and the smell of the fresh sea air – it is so exhilarating! I’ve attached some of my pics.

Your program has also helped me to get out on the road – something that I would never have attempted to do in the past, I now have the confidence to share the road with all vehicles.

It’s also helped my family & work colleagues start pedalling.

Thank you once again for everything you have done to get us Gold Coasters back on our bikes. It’s been one hell of a ride!

Many thanks,



Thought I’d share my success story……
8 weeks ago, my work colleague (Chris) encouraged me to get back on my pushy and exercise.  I am/was an overweight, unfit 36 year old.  After an initial ride to see what my fitness level was, we devised a training schedule with a target at the end of the October.  We mapped out a 3.5km course, close to work.  The circuit was hilly and September was windy but once a week we got out there and gave it.  After the first 4 weeks I felt fitter and started to exercise on the weekends.  I also got my wife and two kids involved and plotted out our own riding tracks closer to home.  I also started riding to work twice a week (11km each way) and plan to extend that to everyday, in the near future.
On my first ride with Chris, I could barely manage 2 laps around our 3.5km circuit.  It took 25 minutes and I moaned all the way.  Chris was determined to push me and set the goal of 9 minute laps.  Each week we built and built.  Flat tyres, wind, rain – it didn’t matter.  Last week I reached my goal and completed 5 laps (17.5km) in 44 minutes!
I feel that after sticking to an exercise routine for a number of weeks, my life has changed for the better.  I am now looking for opportunities to get out and exercise and plan it into my week’s schedule.  I plan on riding regularly and have just started running too.  I am entering the Resolution 11km run in Brisbane in January and am working towards the GC half marathon next year.
Having a website to log my trips and see the progress of myself and others has been a great motivation.



“Having not ridden my bike for over 18 months, the Love to Ride Challenge encouraged me to get my bike off the wall and out onto the road.  I had a couple of minor incidents leading up to me hanging the bike up in March last year, nothing major but they had certainly knocked my confidence and I was apprehensive about riding out on the road.

I started off small in the challenge and only did laps of my estate, but I have increased the number of laps and even ventured out into the wide world on Saturday 31st October which was a big step.  I am loving being back on the bike and look forward to continuing riding on a regular basis.

The Challenge was just what I needed so thank you for the encouragement.

Kind regards




“I have been always persuading myself to start commuting by bike. It’s healthier, cheaper and more environmentally friendly. Finally, the challenge got me going and I have not sit back into the car seat once during this last month. What I have never expected that I will manage my 11 km journey to Griffith University in a shorter time than by car! The traffic in the rush hour is so bad that I am faster on a bike than in the car. Well, faster by 1 minute :-). I am definitely ditching the car for good.”

Lukas F.