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Creating a more bike friendly world

Now anyone, anywhere can download and use our new smartphone app for free.

The app allows people to:

  • Record their rides via GPS – on an iPhone or Android phone (80% of all smartphones sold in the UK)
  • Record their rides manually
  • Check out their personal stats and progress
  • Register or login
  • View announcements posted on their local Love to Ride site


Linking in with Local Authorities

Our Local Authority partners logos are displayed in the app of people who live in their areas.  This means that Local Authorities can now have their own locally branded smart phone cycling app. 

This feature is enabled in the areas where the Local Authority has approached us to become our Official Love to Ride Partner in their area.

Version 2.0

A second version of the app has already been planned.  Any suggestions for further improvements would be, as always, most welcome. Contact us at at:

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Published on: 4, Dec 2021

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