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Creating a world where everyone feels they’re able to ride confidently and comfortably for pleasure and to get from A to B.

A Bike Ride a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

The NSW Workplace Cycling Challenge was a huge success enabling people who did no, or very little, physical activity to...

Supporting More Women to Ride

We hosted a webinar with some of the best women in biking in Scotland to share data and discuss how to support more...

Engaging 24,791 New Zealanders to ride!

In February, we worked with the Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency to deliver its fifth national Aotearoa Bike Challenge...

8 million miles, and counting

We've taken a look back at Atlanta's 7-year journey with Love to Ride and the benefits of a sustained bicycling program.

4 Questions With...

People love hearing what their peers are working on and what’s worked well for them, so we pulled together 4 questions...

Rider's Stories - April Edition

Check out some of our favourite stories, from family bike rides to awe-inspiring journeys to new friendships, these are...


Best of Bike Month: Ways to Engage Webinar

Learn from the best! Watch this learning session about ways to engage people in Bike Month

International Women's Day 2021

Why do you love to ride? From setting an example for their kids to feeling free with the wind on their faces some of...

Ride It Out with 99-year-old Norman Gregory

99-year-old Norman Gregory and his good friend Norman Kelly, are avid cyclists who will be leading the way for Ride it...

Be in our International Women's Day video

Do you want to be a spokes-woman for all things biking this International Women's Day? You could be in our video. 

Community, Connection & Covid

How did challenges in Brisbane and NSW help people ride their bikes and connect in an increasingly virtual world?

7 Reasons to Invest in Cycling Behaviour Change

At Love to Ride we’ve got the skills and experience to get your local cycling programme established quickly and...

Cycling Innovations - UK Style

To accompany the boom in people riding bikes, there have been some fantastic and innovative infrastructure developments...

Rider's Stories - February Edition

Check out some of our favourite stories, from family bike rides to awe-inspiring journeys to new friendships, these are...

Run an Effective and Safe Bike Month Program

Love to Ride provides an effective and safe way to deliver biking programs in the Covid era, making us a great choice...

Project Spotlight: Ride On - Cycling for All

Exeter based charity Ride On - Cycling for All has teamed up with the Devon Partnership NHS Trust, to offer social...

Behaviour Change - that's what we do

At Love to Ride, we did bikeloads of research to develop and refine our behaviour change approach to help more people...

Love to Ride

2020 in Numbers

Together we’ve pulled off some amazing feats and got more people enjoying the benefits of riding bikes. Pull up a chair...

The best stories from 2020

Check out some of our favorite stories from 2020, from family bike rides to awe inspiring journeys to new friendships...

Planning for success in 2021

2021 is a great time to run programs aimed at getting more people to ride bikes. Love to Ride Director, Sam, shares his...

GSK Winter Wheelers Webinar

Check out our recording for the GSK Winter Wheelers Webinar


Bike Month and Beyond webinar

Leverage Love to Ride features to give your biking encouragement program impact all year round. This webinar shows you...

Sustaining the cycling surge webinar

In this webinar we discuss capturing the minds of people who are looking to get around in new, socially distanced ways

The 4 Fundamental Pillars of Bicycle Security

This guest post by Carl at The Best Bike Lock will give you some pointers on how to make sure that your bike is kept...

Love to Ride ZOOMimonials!

What Love to Ride clients say about working with Love to Ride - Zoomimonials.

Cycle September Success

Cycle September - The Global Bike Challenge capped off the 2020 Love to Ride summer riding season with good numbers and...

Bikepacking - exploring by bike

As part of our Explore by Bike theme for July, Love to Ride Director, Sam, shares his experiences of bike packing.

Applying behavior change theory to cycling encouragement 

Video about behavior change and biking encouragement, Love to Ride, Ride Relief Program

How Covid-19 will influence transportation behavior

A survey of 10,000 Love to Ride users provides insights into how Covid-19 will influence transportation behavior moving...

Blind Spots

A blog about race, biases, transportation and cycling.

Almost 25,000 New Zealanders riding!

Almost 25,000 New Zealanders riding!

Let’s Ride - Biking makes good sense in the Coronavirus Era

Let’s Ride - Biking makes good sense in the Coronavirus Era

Inspiration, advice and support for girls and women who want to cycle

Inspiration, advice and support for girls and women who want to cycle

From Foodhall to Bikehall

From Foodhall to Bikehall

Rolls Royce Celebrate

Rolls Royce Celebrate

Love to Ride Southampton - R&M Electrical

Love to Ride Southampton - R&M Electrical

From Car Owner to Bike Commuter: One-Woman's Journey to Life on Two Wheels

From car owner to bike commuter: one woman's journey to life on two wheels

Cycle September: The Global Bike Challenge

Cycle September: The Global Bike Challenge

Slough's First Cycle September

Cycle September in Slough

York Cycle September Story

York's Cycle September Story

Mind is the Ride: Does Riding Make You Smarter?

Mind is the Ride

Why Cities and Regions Are Signing up to Cycle September

Why cities and regions are signing-up to Cycle September

Bike Week 2019: Everyday Cycling for Everyone

Bike Week 2019 - everyday cycling for everyone

2019 Australian Bike Summit

2019 Australian Bike Summit

Growing the National Bike Challenge in the USA

Growing the National Bike Challenge in the USA

The Aotearoa Bike Challenge: Our Most Popular Program Ever

Our most popular program ever

We Love Tooting Our Horn

Sharing Shasta's Success Story

Hop On > Changing Lives Through Cycling

Ride365 - year round cycling encouragement

Love to Ride Southampton - taking a peek at progress

Go Dutch + Join us for Ride to Work Week!

Cycling Behavior Insights: Cycling Frequency and Gender

How to Spread the (G)Love on Your Ride to Work

Dan's £1,000 Ride to Work Goal

How the University of Sheffield Gets More People On Bikes

How the University of Sheffield gets more people on bikes

Does Why You Ride Depend on Where You Live? The Results Might Surprise You...


Anyone Can Cycle the World

Road Safety Week > Bike Smart!

2018 On Two Wheels

How cycling has made me happier, healthier & wealthier

Go Dutch! > Win a Babboe cargo bike!

K977: how Leanne Owen uses cycling to raise awareness & find a cure for Parkinson's

8 Times the Bike Has Revolutionised the World

Lord Mayor Receives Mayoral Bicycle Ahead of Sheffield Charity Ride

Spring into the saddle for 2018

Sheffield Urban CX > A Unique Series For All Abilities

Ride to Work Week Winner Rides Away a Whistler from JE James

Beat the Elements > How to Bike Through the Beast from the East

Dr Dave On Why Riding to Work Makes You Lucky

University of Worcester launches innovative bike share scheme

A Dad's Tale

'Lapsed cyclist' Becky sets sights on Hopetech Women’s Enduro

Love to Riders Reminisce about Transcontinental Triumph

Taking cycling seriously at the University of Sheffield

How to be a Champion for Cycling

West Yorkshire businesses pedal to victory in national cycling awards

Nightriders > Get ready for Winter Wheelers

Super successful #CycleSeptember

Biketober is coming!

Love to Ride UniCycle – The Genius of Two Wheels

Cycle September is here!

Bike Week Kicks Off A Bumper Summer Of Cycling!

Happy Birthday Biking!

Guest Post: MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology Tell Cyclehoop How Much They Love to Ride!

"Your employees are the people who make you win" Dave Ulrich

#WinterWheelers - a Wheely Big Success!

Webinar - Lessons from 70,000 riders

2017 is Year of the Bike

Winter Cycling Checklist

Always nice to hear stories

Meeting Access Fund Criteria + Winning Your Bid

The Access Fund

GPS Data and Bicycle Infrastructure Planning

The National Cycle Challenge - UK

Love to Ride

Spring Excitement at Love to Ride

National Bike Summit

2016 National Bike Summit Recap


What Have We Learned? Our Smarter Travel Live Presentation

Love to Ride

Love to Ride and Bicycle Transportation Alliance Partner for the 2016 Bike More Challenge 

Love to Ride Cycling Programme

Transition Funding Requires Proven Cycling Schemes


3 Love to Ride Videos to Watch

UK Cycling Friendly Cities

UK's 10 Happiest Cities are Cycling Friendly, too

Love to Ride Scotland

Help Us Grow Cycling in Edinburgh

Love to Ride

3 Recommendations - Given the Current UK Funding Environment

UK Cycle Challenge

What We Are Doing To Maximise Available Funding

UK Cycle Challenge

The 2016 National Cycle Challenge is Coming


Case Study Video - Atlanta, GA, USA

Atlanta, Georgia Case Study Video

What We Have Planned for Love to Ride in 2016

What participants said...

Behavior Change Theory Links

Ride to Work Week 2015

What is the '20 Second Rule'?

Stories from Australia

UK National Cycle Challenge 2015

More participant comments...

19,000 people take to two wheels for the National Cycle Challenge

How we do what we do…

We believe...

Starting with ‘Why?’

Match Funding for New Bike Challenge Models

Why it's Common Sense for Employers to #ChooseCycling

Tools of Change Webinar

Cycling Heavyweights Team Up To Help UK Love to Ride

Love to Ride Wins International Landmark Case Study Accreditation

Las Vegas – a city for cycling?

Happier, healthier, wealthier: as easy as riding a bike

Happier, healthier, wealthier: as easy as riding a bike

Thomas speaks at TEDx Atlanta

Thomas speaks at TEDx Atlanta

1 Million More People Riding

Love to Ride 2013 - results speak volumes

New Behaviour Change Framework

Get Love to Ride in your area

Love to Ride Rebrand

New Job - Community Manager at Challenge for Change

9 Tips for Running ‘Try-a-bike’ Events

Sam takes the helm

Results Results Results

Love to Ride Smart Phone App Launched

Commuting - cycling revolution in the workplace

Promoting cycling in winter

70,000 people registered ...and counting!

Love to Ride? Spread the Love!

Amusing videos promoting the Challenge

Phillip Darnton joins Challenge for Change Board - Press Release

Researching Cycling Behaviour - Episode 2

New Sustainable Travel Award now open for entries

Challenge for Change staffer goes on a 2 year bike ride!

Challenge for Change rock the 2011 TPM Conference

60,000 participants today!

Researching Cycling Behaviour

Cycle Challenge Results 2010

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How can you get more people cycling?

Consistent Results

Behavioural change that you can measure

What Participants Are Now Saying...

Success in Swindon!

More Postivie Feedback

How to Get Good Publicity

Postive Feedback - It always feels good

The Swindon Workplace Cycle Challenge

Case Study

The Best Way To Promote Cycling

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