Ride365 – year round cycling encouragement + engagement

Ride365 is our year-round rolling program of activity, promotions, encouragement, and engagement. We have developed four major campaigns spaced equally at one every quarter – to complement seasonal activity and to achieve sustained behaviour change.

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A Host of Benefits

Ride365 brings our partners in cities and businesses a host of benefits including:

  • A proven behaviour change programme – we’ve trialled, tested, and refined our programs over the last 10 years to be as effective as possible. Essentially, we’ve developed an approach that we can roll into a new area, then make some customisations to make it more locally relevant. This approach gets measurable results.
  • Global, national and local promotion and engagement – the offices in your area are taking part at the same time as the offices across the country and right around the world. This means that companies can get fully behind the programme as it is for all their staff wherever they are, rather than a single location.
  • Economies of scale and cost efficiencies – there are a lot of efficiencies in bringing a national programme to a local area and localising it (as opposed to inventing a new programme from scratch) and thus Love to Ride’s programmes are very affordable for businesses, cities and regional governments.
  • Better prizes – we’re able to source amazing prizes for a big national campaign, to complement the local prizes we also secure. Inspiring through rewards and prize giving is one part of behaviour change, therefore helping to get more people participating.
  • Fostering behaviour change over time – because our approach is year-round, it addresses the fact that changing behaviour takes time and is best achieved one step at a time.

March – Ride to Work Week

The main aim is to encourage more people to realise the benefits of riding a bike to work. Existing riders are encouraged to try riding to work every day in the week and get into the habit of being a regular bike commuter. There are also incentives for encouraging people to try riding to work for the first time. Find out more here

June – Bike Week

To kickstart the summer of cycling, we focus on riding, encouraging and sharing. Another key aim is to encourage existing and new riders to attend a local Bike Week event. And this year we’re giving away a bike a day for a week!

Screenshot 2019-02-27 21.11.36September – Cycle September

This is the main event – organisations compete to see who can get the highest percentage of staff to ride throughout the month – to hit the top spots in the leaderboards.

We’ve developed size categories to level the playing field and encourage closer (and more fun) competition. Local organisations compete on a local leaderboard as well as UK-wide and Global Leaderboards.


December – Winter Wheelers

As the nights draw in and the cold starts to bite, Winter Wheelers supports people to ride in winter with top tips and an advent calendar’s worth of daily prizes, including great kit, quality gear and beautiful bikes!

Based around a simple advent-style giveaway, prizes are up for grabs every day and our social engagement sees stunning photography, amazing tales of riding through winter and incredibly many participants who took up cycling in September continue to ride right through the winter.


To find out more about Ride365, any of our seasonal promotions or more about how to get more people cycling in your business or area, email the team hello@lovetoride.net and they will be right back in touch.