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We did a 3 month post intervention survey of participants of the Swindon Workplace Cycle Challenge.

It was quite astonishing to get the following results.

Of participants who were 'non cyclists' before the Challenge (i.e. they hadn't ridden a bike in more than a year):

      32% of former 'non-cyclists' are now cycling at least once a week


      20% are now cycling 2-3 days or 4+ days each week


      93% have cycled again since the Challenge


      20% are now cycling to work at least once a week


    15% are now cycling to work 2-3 days or 4+ days each week

To get 1 in 3 non-cyclists to start cycling regularly thanks to a programme that you've run is a great feeling.  As is getting 1 in 5 people (who before the Challenge programme hadn't cycled in years!) to start cycling regularly to work.

Of participants who were only cycling about once a month before the Challenge:

      38% are now cycling at least once a week or more, with


    21% now cycling 2-3 or 4+ times a week, and

As you can see, we've managed to significant proportions of the 'non-cyclists' and 'occasional cyclists' who were involved in the Challenge programme to cycle more often now.

We're now keen to get similar Challenge programmes run in other towns around the UK.

If you're interested in finding out what running a Challenge in your town would involve then please feel free to get in touch.

We have an evaluation report with all the findings and outcomes from the Swindon Cycle Challenge.  If you'd like a copy I can send you one by email.

Please contact:

      Thomas Stokell



    phone: +44 (0)79 8430 9265

Here's some quotes from Challenge Participants that help bring some colour to the above stats.

Published on: 23, Feb 2024

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