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Creating a more bike friendly world

2 min read

Supporting Scottish Workplaces

Did you know that over half of all journeys taken in Scotland are under 3.2 miles and 15% are under 0.7 miles? This means that hopping on a bike could be a great option for many of your employees. 

4 min read

Devon County Council - behaviour change in action

Love to Ride has worked with Devon County Council to get more people on bikes since 2016. Over the past 5 years, individuals and organizations in Devon have clocked up more than 8-million miles, encou...

3 min read

How about decreasing transportation emissions by 10% right now?

You may think there wasn’t a lot of good news in the 3,900-page IPCC report released in August. But we did find out that there is still time to avert the worst-case scenarios, and we have a 2-wheeled ...

1 min read

New riders average 4 miles when riding for transportation

More and more people have been taking to pedal power over the last year. It’s a global trend we’re happy to see but even better is the data on rides for transportation purposes. For example, following...

2 min read

We’re shifting gears: Share of women riding continues to increase

We’re continuing to see an upward trend in women participating in our Love to Ride programs. During the Bike Month Challenge 2021 we had an average 40% of registrants across the USA were women, a 5% i...

Tips to Win Cycle September - Champs webinar

Want to know how to motivate and inspire your co-workers to ride for Cycle September? From big to small and spanning a range of industries - we've called on some of our most engaged and successful Cha...

8 min read

Bridging the Gender Gap

As part of our mission to get more people riding bikes, we’re constantly diving into our data to further improve our approach.  Did you realise that women are three times more likely than men to cite ...

12 min read

4 Questions With... June Edition

People love hearing what their peers are working on and what’s worked well for them. At Love to Ride we’re lucky enough to work with some brilliant transportation professionals across the globe, so we...

4 min read

A Bike Ride a Day

Over the last 3 years, we’ve delivered the New South Wales Workplace Bike Challenge with the NSW Ministry of Health’s ‘Get Healthy at Work’ team. The program has delivered measurable results encouragi...

3 min read

Supporting Women to Ride webinar

For our Supporting More Women to Ride webinar we hosted a webinar with some of the best women in biking in Scotland. We came together to share data and discuss how to support more women to enjoy cycli...

13 min read

Engaging 24,791 New Zealanders to ride!

Love to Ride Atlanta pedaled beyond their 8 millionth mile this month. It seemed timely to take a look back at their 7-year journey with Love to Ride and investigate the benefits of a sustained bicycl...

8 min read

8 million miles and counting

Client: Atlanta Regional Commission Est: 2014 Over 9 Love to Ride campaigns and 7 years of the Atlanta Bike Challenge the Atlanta Regional Commission has achieved some impressive results: 8,043,753 mi...

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