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Creating a more bike friendly world

6 min read

The Cost of Living & the Benefits of Biking

The cost of living is increasing globally. With international supplies of oil and gas selling at record prices, transportation and private vehicle usage cost increases are being felt by everyone. You ...

5 min read

10 Love to Ride programs

Changing people’s behavior is complex work and takes time. Thankfully, The Love to Ride team has been figuring out how to change people's bike riding behavior for more than 20 years now! We’ve pulled ...

3 min read

How we’re getting more people engaged for the Bike Month Challenge UK

We know that great engagement is key to the success of a big biking campaign like the Bike Month Challenge. Here are 4 things that we do here at Love to Ride to engage more people: 1. Make it Social (...

Bike Month Tips: Engaging Co-workers

Want to get more of your co-workers riding and smiling during Bike Month. Our CEO, Thomas, shares some of his top tips gathered over 20 years of running biking encouragement programs. Watch the 9-minu...

3 min read

How we work with cities and regions to get more people engaged in Bike Month

Here are 4 things that we do here at Love to Ride to engage more people in our Bike Month campaigns: 1. Make it Social (check out our blog on teams challenges) Humans are social creatures. Our program...

3 min read

Our partnership with The Bikeability Trust

We've teamed up with The Bikeability Trust to help more people fall in love with cycling.

3 min read

New Feature Release: Insights Dashboard

Our new Insights Dashboard brings your data to life. There is still a place for the humble spreadsheet, but not if you want to track live data in an easy to interpret way. 📊 Don’t want to wait for re...

4 min read

The Bike Month Challenge - teamwork makes the dreamwork

Bike Month is taking on a new look for 2022 - we have tweaked the format to make it more social and effective than ever before. Over the past 15 years we have refined our campaigns and tested out vari...

Going by bike: A child's perspective

Active travel amongst children has long been an interest for many of the organizations and partners Love to Ride works with. While our main campaigns focus on the bike riding behavior of adults, we to...

4 min read

How to engage key communities in your biking programs

Effectively engaging people and communities in our programs has been key to the success of Love to Ride. 

3 min read

2021 - it's been a ride!

It's been 35,272,721 rides to be exact! As the year draws to a close, we have taken a deep dive into the data and have a lot to share with you. Spotify might be able to tell you which song you listene...

18 min read

The Riders Behind the Data 2021

2021 has been a whirlwind of bike rides, badges, challenges, and lasting behavior change. Around the globe, the Love to Ride community has overcome barriers, pushed themselves to ride more, and encour...

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