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Creating a more bike friendly world

The 23 Million Mile Challenge

This year the inaugural Cycling World Championships came to Glasgow and across Scotland to showcase the Power of the Bike. This was cycling with a difference. 13 individual UCI World Championships wer...

4 min read

9,247 workplaces took part in the Bike Month Challenge

To us, every month is Bike Month. But this year, tens of thousands of people joined us during May to take part in the Bike Month Challenge.

2 min read

Biketober Australia is back for 2023

Our annual Biketober campaign is kicking off and this year it’s going to be bigger and better. Now is the time to join in and get more people riding in your LGA.

9 min read

Why US businesses should care about their emissions from staff commuting, and how Love to Ride can help

Did you know that passenger vehicles account for 21% of the US’s greenhouse gas emissions from transport? That’s a whopping 374.2 million metric tonnes of CO2eeach year and 6% of the US’s total emissi...

9 min read

Why UK businesses should care about their emissions from staff commuting, and how Love to Ride can help

Did you know that commuting to work accounts for around a quarter of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions from transport? That’s a whopping 18 million tonnes ofCO2eeach year and 5% of the UK’s total emis...

4 min read

Drive Less, Bike More - let's switch cars for handlebars more often

Did you know that in the United States, nearly 50 percent of trips taken by car are under three miles and 35 percent are under two miles? These are short trips that when taken by bike instead of by ca...

5 min read

The powerful persuasion of peer encouragement; a look at the WSP encourager prize draw

The 2022 Aotearoa Bike Challenge saw 32,992 people sign up to ride in the February challenge - another widely successful event for the challenge now in its 6th consecutive year. One of the most succes...

4 min read

The Beca Sustainable Traveller Badge - a tool to encourage more transportation trips!

As part of the 2022 Aotearoa Bike Challenge, the most successful bike riding behaviour change program of its kind in the world, we were excited to partner with the carbon committed folks at Beca to la...

3 min read

How we’re getting more people engaged for the Bike Month Challenge UK

We know that great engagement is key to the success of a big biking campaign like the Bike Month Challenge. Here are 4 things that we do here at Love to Ride to engage more people: 1. Make it Social (...

4 min read

32,992 people registered to ride in the Aotearoa Bike Challenge 2022

Each February, we ran the Aotearoa Bike Challenge in New Zealand and 2022 was another hugely successful campaign. Occurring amidst some of the most rigid COVID 19 movement restrictions in New Zealand,...

Bike Month Tips: Engaging Co-workers

Want to get more of your co-workers riding and smiling during Bike Month. Our CEO, Thomas, shares some of his top tips gathered over 20 years of running biking encouragement programs. Watch the 9-minu...

4 min read

The Bike Month Challenge - teamwork makes the dreamwork

Bike Month is taking on a new look for 2022 - we have tweaked the format to make it more social and effective than ever before. Over the past 15 years we have refined our campaigns and tested out vari...

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