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Here are some quotes from Participants of the Swindon Workplace Cyce Challenge.

We asked participants in a recent 3 month post intervention survey why they have continued to cycled.  We also asked participants in a two week post intervention survey why they will continue to cycle.

"My bike was stored in my shed for around 4 years before I started to ride it again. Now I've been back on my bike I'm really enjoying riding it again."

"{The} Cycle challenge reminded me that I can do it, and not only that, enjoy it!"

"Up until July of this year I hadn't rode a bike in 15 - 20 years! So I'm really pleased that I have kept to cycling 2-3 times a week ever since."

"It has got my husband, children and me to go on cycle rides out as a family now. It is nice to get fresh air and exercise. "

"Had my cycle reconditioned and found that I enjoyed using it for short journeys as it was more convenient."

"I went out to buy a bike for the challenge - it's something I'd been meaning to do for a while but I hadn't got round to it...the challenge was the push I needed!"

"We now have a child seat & helmet for my daughter and it's lovely for us to go for a bike ride as a family."

"Because it made me feel much better afterwards. I also realised that it took me no longer to ride to work than it would do to get  the car out, drive it, park it etc in addition to the cost of the petrol."

"The main reason is that not only did I get on my bike, my husband and two children did too. So family bike rides on Sunday will be my main reason. I will also cycle to work. This will keep me fit and save on petrol."

"Because I found the cycling experience a very enjoyable one.  I also am able to get out and about Swindon a lot more and quickly as I was previously walking to places.  Lastly, it has become part of my fitness routine."

"To justify the cost of my bike bought during the cycle challenge,(I hadn't cycled for over 17 years) I will need to continue riding at least 1 day per week, more if I can manage it!"

"My daughter enjoys riding her bike and i had forgotten how much fun it can be."

"The cycle challenge has made me realise that cycling is fun and good for you!"

"Mainly because my kids will make me do it & now that they know I can ride a bike they wil pester the hell out of me."

"I cycled with my children and found the experience enjoyable"

"I got it out of the pile of stuff in the garage making it more accessible"

"During challenge cycled to places that I use to regularly drive to, and found didn't take as long as expected."

"Because i enjoyed it more than i thought i would, it was easier than i thought and i like the idea of keeping fit and traveling to work at the same time."

Here are some more things that participants have said about their participation in the Cycle Challenge.

Published on: 15, Apr 2024

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