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After a year and a half of encouraging other people onto bikes with Challenge for Change, James Butcher, one of our project managers, has decided it's time for him to follow his own advice and hit the road on an epic cycling adventure.

Armed with a one way ticket, their bikes and a tent, James and his girlfriend Sarah have headed to Alaska. Their plan is to pedal down the west coast of the Americas over the next two years on a journey of up to 15,000 miles!

James explained: “The plan is deliberately vague, but as long as we keep the sea on our right hand side then surely we can’t go wrong!”

“We reckon that bike speed is the perfect travelling pace to really immerse yourself in another country. On a bike you experience a whole world of fantastic and random meetings, sights, tastes and sounds that you would just never get to experience through the window of a car or bus.”

“It’s been great working as part of the Challenge for Change team. I’ll certainly be looking out for how other countries are getting more people to take to their bikes and reporting back!”

Happy Travels/Feliz Viaje James and Sarah!


Published on: 29, Jul 2021

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