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PeopleForBikes and Love to Ride

Love to Ride is proud to be partnering with PeopleForBikes to design and implement a number of innovative new Bike Challenge formats in 2015.  The intention is to develop a new Challenge format that can be rolled out across the U.S. in 2016 and beyond.


The National Bike Challenge

PeopleForBikes are the new operators of the National Bike Challenge starting this year.  The National Bike Challenge attracted 50,000 people across the U.S. to participate in 2014, and it is PeopleForBikes’ aim to significantly grow the number of people participating in the Challenge to reach hundreds of thousands of people over the coming years.

PeopleForBikes also want the Challenge to be more focused on encouraging people who don't currently ride, or who ride very infrequently, to take up riding regularly.  To achieve this, the format of the National Bike Challenge will need to change from being focussed on getting existing riders to log their miles. Innovative new formats have been developed by Love to Ride and PeopleForBikes and are ready for trial in 6 U.S. cities.

Love to Ride

Love to Ride are international experts in running Bike Challenges, having run more than 120 Challenges in the U.S., Europe, New Zealand and Australia.  The Love to Ride platform has also been designed to support and encourage people new to riding to start riding regularly.   On average 30% of Love to Ride participants are new to riding and 2 in 5 of them take up riding regularly each week after participating in a Challenge.

More about Love to Ride here:

Love to Ride's average behavior change outcomes. Love to Ride's average behavior change outcomes.


Is your city ready to lead?Love to Ride Your City

We're looking to partner with 6 cities in 2015 who want to work with us on running an innovative new style of bike challenge. These Challenges have been developed from international best practice in cycling promotion, behaviour change theory and from Love to Ride's significant experience in running engagement programs.

Match funding available

PeopleForBikes are providing match funding to cities who want to work with us on running these innovative new Challenge formats. We’re interested in working with a range of cities and with varying levels of ‘cycle friendliness’.

Interested in finding out more?

We already have two of the six cities signed up (Boulder and Atlanta), so there are currently four opportunities left.  Please do get in touch by May 22nd if you're interested in looking at being involved.

To express an interest and get more information, please contact: Thomas Stokell,, 310-906-7897.


Published on: 26, Jun 2022

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