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We're working with 5 cities in Australia this year - Sydney, Adelaide, Mackay, Cairns and now Gold Coast.

Our city partner in Cairns just emailed over some great stories from participants of the Bike Challenge we ran there:

“I haven’t been on a bike for years, and my 6 year old daughter isn’t confident on a bike. I realised that if I wasn’t a role model for her then how would she get more confident? I asked for a bike for mother’s day, got into the Love to Ride challenge and now we ride short distances together”  -  Sharon

“I really enjoyed the ‘try a bike day’ at the Council. I hadn’t been on a bike in years, and it made me think it would be good to cycle to work. The southern cycleway goes almost all the way off road, but I have nowhere to keep a bike as I live in a unit”  -  Tanvir (Two weeks later, Tanvir had bought a bike and is now commuting regularly)

“The Love to Ride challenge motivated me to work out how to ride to work, find a good route, and work out the riding/work clothes issue and making sure I had it sorted. I have been meaning to ride to work for a year, but just hadn’t got round to working it out”  -  James

“It was very satisfying organising the come and try day at the Council. I was amazed how many people were willing to sign up for the challenge when we had bikes there to use. Workmate pressure really worked to give it a go"  -  Sarah

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