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Ride to Work Week 2015

  • by: Thomas Stokell

Let’s get more people riding to work!

If you're interested in finding out more about getting more people in your area taking up riding to work, then please get in touch and we'll send you some more info.

Following the success of the UK’s National Cycle Challenge, Love to Ride is now working with local authorities, businesses and Business Travel Networks across the UK on ‘Ride to Work Week’ - running from Monday 7 to Sunday 13 September 2015.

We’ll also be promoting Cycle to Work Day which is taking place the week before on Thursday 3 September and is run by our national partners - the good people at Cyclescheme.

This timeline has been strategically chosen to align with our behaviour change framework.

Changing behaviour - one step at a time

Encouraging more people to ride more often and for transportation is the aim of the game. But getting someone who doesn't yet ride to start riding to work is a massive ask.  Most people face enough barriers to start riding recreationally, let alone riding to work.

That's exactly why we started with the National Cycle Challenge in June, where we encouraged people to ride a bike for just 10 minutes or more.  On average 4 in 5 new riders continue riding after the Challenge.  They can then build their confidence and skills on a bike throughout June, July and August.

From late August, we’ll be suggesting to people who don’t normally ride to work to give it a go on Cycle to Work Day (Wednesday 3 September).  In achieving this, they can discover that it's an alternative way to get to work. In doing so they then open the way to experiencing all the great benefits riding to work brings.

Then we’ll be challenging everyone (existing and new bike commuters alike) to set a goal of riding to work every day during Ride to Work Week - the following week.  People can win some great prizes - the more they ride to work that week, the more chances they have of winning.

GPS Data

We're creating a special prize draw for people who record their ride to work via our smartphone app - that way we’ll be collecting thousands of people’s routes to work.  Data which we’ll be sharing with our official local authority partners to be used to help understand local commuter routes for future planning purposes. People only have to track a single commute by bike with our app and are free the rest of the time to use 'Strava' and 'Moves' app integration as their chosen trip logging tool. Whatever works best!

What does Ride to Work Week look like?

Ride to Work Week will be a fresh face on the existing Love to Ride online platform. With local leaderboards, new marketing materials, template emails and a marketing plan, press releases, email communications and a completely new set of prizes and incentives - this is a low-budget, high-impact, fun and engaging promotion not to miss. And as with the hugely successful National Cycle Challenge, as it's the first time we have run it, we will throw everything at it to make it a rideaway success!

4 great reasons to become our official local partner:

  1. Bring an effective behaviour change programme to your area to get more people riding to work (and for an exceptionally reasonable budget)
  2. Get GPS data from people’s commutes to work - see which way people are riding from A to B in your area.
  3. Get survey data on who took part and the changes in your local participants' behaviour.
  4. Communicate with new and existing riders in your area - you can share messages about your local cycling initiatives in the emails we send out as well as on your local Love to Ride website.

Budgets start as low as £1,800 and range to £6,440 with tailored 'booster' options where local time resources are limited. We're busy signing local partners up in July, for mid-August promotion kick-off.

If you're interested in finding out more about getting more people in your area taking up riding to work, then please get in touch and we'll send you some more info.


Published on: 7, Aug 2022

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