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In a CIVITAS webinar I gave today I mentioned a number of the behavior change concepts, theories and tools that we use to get more people cycling.

Here are a three very interesting concepts that I would recommend people learn more about:

Community Based Social Marketing (CBSM) - Doug Mckenzie-Mohr has done some excellent work understanding and sharing how we can be much more effective at changing people's behavior.  Read this short 6 page PDF on CBSM.

Baby Steps - BJ Fogg from Stanford University - watch this short 2 minute video and think about how we can apply 'baby steps' theory to getting more people cycling.

The Fogg Behavior Model - BJ Fogg from Stanford University - a short explanation of the Fogg Behavior Model can be found on this website:

Many thanks to Sarah Martens from Mobiel 21 for organising the webinar and bringing so many people from around the world together to hear about our work.

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