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With the current funding situation, we’re doing a number things at Love to Ride to continue working with our local partners across the UK to encourage cycling:

a) We’re bringing different local parties together to pool financial and human resources

b) Flexible budgets to work with Love to Ride – we’re able to offer local partners a range of budget levels, from £0-50k. So whatever budget is available, our local partners can still gain the benefits of having the UK National Cycle Challenge and Love to Ride run in their area.

c) Working with the private sector – we’ve developed a corporate product so that companies large and small can have their own Love to Ride site, cycling encouragement programme, incentives, data, reporting, etc. They’ll pay to get these benefits and thus help to contribute to us providing Love to Ride to the world.

If you're going to do one cycling encouragement project in 2016…

It makes sense to make it the UK National Cycle Challenge. Find all of the details here.

Interested in working together? Get in touch.