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The core revenue funding in England for cycling & walking is delivered through the DfT's Access Fund. Successful bids will have 3 years of funding to help in the delivery of their local initiatives and programmes.


Meeting the Criteria

Bids will need to show how they will meet two of the key criteria:

  • Improve access to employment, education, and trainingRide Report Dashboard
  • Be effective at encouraging more people to walk and cycle

Love to Ride Access Fund Elements:

Comprehensive year round cycling encouragement programme - including 3 focussed and intensive periods of engagement, links to and promotion of your other local initiatives, and engagement of workplaces, schools and higher education institutions.

GPS data gathering and analysis tool - cutting edge technology improving cycling, walking and sustainable transport in your area with real data and best in class data analysis tools (which are thankfully very easy to use!). Learn more here.

Walking Initiatives - We’ve been asked by some local authorities what we’d recommend to encourage walking and to complement their Love to Ride programme. Find out more about those here.

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Read our 2 pager on how we will support your Access Fund


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Published on: 29, Jul 2021

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