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There's some pretty heavy snow and very cold weather across the UK right now. With a little preparation there's no need to let the weather stop you biking to work - or anywhere else for that matter!

Here are seven tips to help you beat the Beast from the East:

  • Check the weather: if you're in the middle of a red warning or one is coming into effect soon, don't go out on your bike (in fact, try not to go out at all). A healthy dose of common sense is always advisable in poor conditions.
  • Wrap up warm: gloves, a multitube/scarf/snood to keep your neck warm, a windproof jacket and something over your ears (earbags, anyone?)
  • Plan your route: main roads should be gritted so they're a better bet, especially if there's a risk of ice.
  • Slow down and plan your maneouvres: your stopping distance - and everyone else's - will be longer in snow, ice and wet, so give yourself extra time and space by slowing down and taking the time to plan, signal and execute maneouvres safely
  • Adapt your setup: if you've got a mountain bike, now's the time to use it; consider lowering your saddle to give you extra traction and control.
  • Enjoy! Riding in snow can be hugley rewarding and lots of fun, so stay safe and enjoy the ride!
  • If in doubt, don't go out. If you don't feel confident or safe riding in the snow, give your bike a break and walk it instead.

If you do go out, please share your photo with us on Twitter or by email ( - the best picture/video will win a Proviz jacket and gloves!

Here are some of the corkers we've received already (see the full thread here):

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