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Let’s Ride - Biking makes good sense in the Coronavirus Era

In the short, medium, and long term, it makes good sense to support and encourage more people to ride bikes.

In the short and medium-term, while social distancing is being recommended to help contain the spread of Covid-19, biking makes a lot of sense.

  • Biking is the original SDV (Social Distancing Vehicle) - biking is an ideal way of getting around while maintaining social distancing. 

  • People are avoiding taking public transport - being in a confined space with other people is not recommended at this time. People who use public transport might not own a car and yet they still need to travel safely from A to B. Biking there can make sense for some of these people. Our data also shows that people who use public transport to get to work are the most likely to switch modes and start riding for transportation.

  • You can get to a lot of places you might need to go by bike (the store, pharmacy, to visit or care for others). For many people who are traveling short distances, riding a bike is a great option.

  • Improve mental health + combat loneliness, isolation, and cabin fever - We all know how it feels to be stuck inside the house all day and then when you finally get to go outside it’s a breath of fresh air on so many levels: physically, mentally, and emotionally. With people being recommended to self-isolate and to work from home, loneliness and disconnection from your community are real problems. Riding a bike is an ideal way to get outside, get some exercise and fresh air, go places, and reconnect to the big wide world around you.

  • Exercise strengthens your immune system - 20-30 minutes of moderate exercise per day (like riding a bike) helps to boost and strengthen your immune system. Exercise also helps reduce stress levels and stress hormones (cortisol) which in turn also helps to strengthen your immune system. People are already taking steps to help improve their immune system, supporting them to start riding or to get out and ride more often is another way that we can combat Covid-19.

And of course in the long-term, all the benefits that people, cities, businesses and our planet gain as a result of more people riding bikes all still stand. Biking helps people to be healthier and happier. Biking helps make our communities more liveable and it brings a host of benefits to businesses - from healthier staff, fewer sick days, and increased productivity.

There are going to be people in your community who will want to start riding a bike again or start riding for transportation but don’t have the knowledge, confidence or ability to ride yet. Love to Ride can provide support and encouragement to get more people in your community to ride.
Love to Ride is already supporting cities, businesses and people around the world to realize the benefits of riding - in the short, medium and long-term. Please do get in touch if you’d like to learn more about how we can support more people to ride in your area -

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Published on: 26, Oct 2021

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