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It's been 35,272,721 rides to be exact! As the year draws to a close, we have taken a deep dive into the data and have a lot to share with you. Spotify might be able to tell you which song you listened to the most (and yes, we are too embarrassed to share any of ours), but we can tell you how many people you got riding bikes...and it's a lot.

Find out how many trips were made for transportation purposes, how many high fives riders gave out to encourage each other, and some of the behavior change outcomes we achieved! 

Here's our Round-Up of 2021 at Love to Ride


Here's what we have achieved together in 2021

611,509 people have now joined the Love to Ride community.

51,434 riders joined us in 2021.

12,104 of them were new to biking.

We're really proud to say 50% of them were women!

In fact, more women joined Love to Ride than men in 2021 - watch the video for the full gender breakdown.

Together we rode 97,946,105 miles or 157,628,976 km across 35,272,721 trips.

That's the same as 3,934 times around the planet!

1,386,463 of those trips were for transportation purposes.

21% of all riders have increased how often they bike for transportation purposes.

57% of all new riders are riding more often.

47% of all riders are more physically active.

18,969 riders were encouraged to get out on their bikes by a fellow rider.

There were 959 stories shared by our riders and a huge 665,508 high fives were given.

12,043 riders set a biking goal and 56% achieved them.


Want some more good vibes to accompany those impressive bike rides? We know there is power in qualitative data to bring your numbers to life - that's why we've pulled together some of the best from 2021. Take a look at our Riders Behind the Data blog post focusing on some of the amazing stories and feedback from riders across the globe.



Published on: 23, Feb 2024

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