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2022 - We πŸ’š you

  • by: Sarah Wills

As the dust settles on 2022, we’re looking at all the results our customers, riders, and partners have achieved by working with Love to Ride.

The collective impact we have all achieved is impressive! From the number of new people encouraged to take up biking riding, to the number of bike trips done for transportation purposes

Check out the short video to see the results.

Love to Ride 2022 - here we go!


Here's everything we have achieved together in 2022

πŸ₯³ 662,538 people have now joined the Love to Ride community.

🚴 53,267 riders joined us in 2022.

🌟 11,196 of them were new to biking.

♀ We're really proud to say 50% of them were women!

🚲 Together we rode 105,385,776 miles or 169,601,966 km.

🌏 That's the same as 4,232 times around the planet!

πŸš— 810,217 of all bike trips were for transportation purposes.

🌳 Those transportation trips saved more than 60,000 trees a whole year’s worth of carbon-converting work!

🀘 20,946 people encouraged others to ride.

πŸ“– 524 stories were shared to inspire more people to hop on a bike.

βœ‹ There were a lot of high fives. 684,499 to be exact.

πŸ₯… 10,864 riders set a goal and an incredible 61% of them were achieved!

πŸŽ“ People got skilled-up this year by completing a total of 15,483 educational courses. 

🏒 3,838 new workplaces joined in the fun and rode up the leaderboards. 

πŸ™Œ 34% of all riders are intending to ride more for transport.

πŸ’ͺ A whopping 55% of new riders have increased their riding levels!


A huge congratulations to everyone that rode their bike, smashed goals, earned badges, encouraged others, and generally spread the bike love in 2022. Check out some of our favorite stories and photos in our 'Stories that made 2022' blog.

Thanks to all our riders around the globe. We can’t wait to see what you all achieve in 2023!

Published on: 23, Feb 2024

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