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Creating a more bike friendly world

At Love to Ride we provide an effective and safe way to deliver cycling programs, even in the Covid-19 era. For this reason, our city and regional programmes have all seen higher than normal take-up since Spring 2020 and some fantastic results.

We’ve got plenty of exciting developments on track for 2021 including Ride it Out (starting in March) and our new automated trip tracking app! We’re ready and set to get more people enjoying all the benefits of riding a bike, are you?

Here are 7 reasons to join forces with Love to Ride this year to get more people riding bikes in your region:

Love to Ride - Rosie

Get More People Riding Bikes
• Give new riders access to the support they need to build their confidence.
• Mobilise existing riders - we make it easy and fun for them to encourage their co-workers, friends and family to ride too.
• Reach new audiences - boost the effectiveness and impact of your existing programmes.

Run a Secure and Successful Programme
Whatever the world throws at us this year, the online nature of Love to Ride programmes means we can keep on rolling. Participation can be physically distanced while our proven approach brings people and teams together, virtually.

Year-Round and Ready to Go
The specialist team at Love to Ride provide you with everything you need, including technical set-up and support, promotional materials, communications and easy to follow guidance - you simply plug and play!

Improve Cycling Confidence in Your Area
Our new online quick courses, such as ‘urban cycling skills,’ make it easy and fun for people to gain the knowledge and skills to ride safely and confidently. We then signpost riders to local cycle training providers at this critical time, to further develop skills and confidence.

Get Great Data
We’ll provide you with key data on programme performance and behaviour change outcomes, so you can demonstrate the return on your investment and highlight achievements with funders. Our new automated trip-tracking app will provide you with everyday cycling data and comfort ratings to help monitor and inform infrastructure projects.

We’ll work with you to adapt and localise your Love to Ride platform and programme. By bringing stakeholders and local services together and complementing your existing activity, we create valued and tailored resources for the maximum local impact.

It’s Fun
We focus on making the experience of participating in a Love to Ride program enjoyable and fun. It’s one of the main reasons we’ve been so successful over the years at encouraging more people to take up bike riding.

Don’t just take our word for it:

“Having Love to Ride on board for our West Midlands Emergency Active Travel Fund programme has brought a critically important element of activation to our new and planned infrastructure.”
Deborah Fox, Head of TDM, West Midlands CA

“When coronavirus arrived, I started cycling to work instead of using public transport. Six months later, I've used the Cycle to Work scheme to upgrade my bike and my son even rides his bike to school each day. We're changing our habits together.”
Laura S, New Rider

Want to keep this information handy or forward it on to a co-worker? Download our 7 Reasons to Invest in Cycling Behaviour Change PDF.

Published on: 17, Jul 2024

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