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To us, every month is Bike Month. But this year, tens of thousands of people joined us during May to take part in the Bike Month Challenge.

We achieved some fantastic results from these campaigns, so let’s delve into the data!

Bike Month 2023 round-up

More riders joined the fun

Overall, 56,714 people took part in Love to Ride’s Bike Month Challenge, an increase of 27% from 2022! 

3,744 people participate who were ‘new riders’ having not ridden a bike in years before the challenge. 


Workplaces got competitive

Thousands of workplaces competed to top the leaderboards by getting the highest percentage of their staff riding bikes. Several workplaces managed to get 100% of staff riding bikes - an incredible accomplishment!


Miles upon miles

We rode the equivalent of 397 times around the planet during May! Can we go over the 10 million mark next year? Yes we can!


Switching cars for handlebars

221,873 transport trips were logged during Bike Month, saving enough CO2 to take 2,048 cars off the road for a whole month!*


Encouragement - the heart of Love to Ride challenges

All Love to Ride challenges have encouragement at their core and nothing makes us happier than when our riders inspire others to hop in the saddle. 

During May, 6,078 people were encouraged to ride by 2,584 of our users. Every person who encouraged someone else entered an exclusive prize draw with five cash prizes up for grabs!


How the Bike Month Challenge Worked

During May, workplaces and people take part in a fun, friendly bike challenge. The aim is to encourage more people to ride, more often, and for transportation.

We mobilize the choir (the people in your community who are already biking) and give them the tools and the opportunity to encourage their friends, family and coworkers to rediscover all the benefits that biking brings. 

The workplaces that got the most employees to ride a bike and register on their workplace team climbed the leaderboard - the workplaces that got the highest percentage of their employees to take part in their size category won.

This model grows the number of people who are riding bikes in your community, and continues the behavior change journey of all our participants. 

We’d like to say a huge thank you and congratulations to everyone who participated in the Bike Month Challenge! Each person who pushed the pedals and encouraged others to take part has helped our planet to become a cleaner, greener, more bike-friendly place to be. Here’s to next year!

Interested in finding out about bringing the Bike Month Challenge to your area? We’d love to share how we’re working with other government entities and businesses around the world to achieve measurable changes in behavior. 

Contact us using the form below. 

*Calculated based on the UK and US statistics for average emissions from household vehicles. 


Published on: 26, Feb 2024

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