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Cycle September Success

In spite of Covid-19

Cycle September - The Global Bike Challenge - capped off the 2020 Love to Ride summer riding season with good numbers and great engagement.  

Despite the pandemic, more than 3,200 organizations and 49,000 people took part in Cycle September and enjoyed riding more than 7 million miles!


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Key Results for CS:


Participants 49,015
Total Miles:    7,058,672
Trips:      462,598



Stories That Inspire Us

Throughout Cycle September and 2020, people of all riding levels have posted stories about how biking was helping them beat back the Covid blues, bringing them joy, good health, and community.

We love to read people's stories about how biking has positively impacted their lives. 

You know how it can feel like you're doing all this work remotely and you can sometimes feel a little out of touch with the impact of your work?  The stories people post on Love to Ride inspire and motivate us, our clients and partners, and people who are new to riding.

Here are some of their stories.  

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