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Creating a more bike friendly world

Here are 4 things that we do here at Love to Ride to engage more people in our Bike Month campaigns:

1. Make it Social (check out our blog on teams challenges)

  1. Humans are social creatures. Our programs are more effective when they have a strong social element. 

  2. This Bike Month, we’re inviting people to form teams of up to 10 people. This team can be made up of friends, family, and/or co-workers. This way, people have a social group for support and encouragement during Bike Month. 

2. Make it Fun

  1. Fact: People like having fun! 

  2. Fun activities get more people to engage with them. 

  3. We’ve thought about how we can make our Bike Month campaign more fun: from the design of the campaign materials, to the mechanics of how people participate (competing in teams, in mini-leaderboards), to how we communicate with people. (1)

3. Make it Easy

  1. We’re all already busy!

  2. So we make it easy for:

    1. Cities and regions to promote Bike Month Challenge - by providing the marketing materials (social media assets, copy for newsletters, websites, etc) as well as guidance and support from the Love to Ride team, and community engagement.

    2. Businesses to promote it internally 

    3. People to set-up teams and encourage each other to ride and take part

    4. New riders to get involved, join a team, and get information and support to overcome their current barriers to biking


4. Make it Measurable

  1. We have a number of dashboards that provide our city and regional partners with real-time insights on how many people are engaged, how they’re performing vs previous years, etc.

  2. We also provide reports and analysis showing the behavior change that the program has achieved (e.g. the number of people who are now biking for transportation, etc) (2)

Interested in getting more people on bikes in your area? We know a thing or two about achieving that.

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Published on: 18, Sep 2023

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