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Since 2018, Love to Ride has partnered with Ecology Action to drive positive environmental change in Santa Cruz, California. Our journey together began with two workplace-based bike challenges: Bike Month and Biketober, designed to promote biking as a sustainable and healthy mode of transportation.

Today, the program has evolved into a complete biking transportation program that not only engages riders but also provides planners and program manager the data and maps they need to make biking safer in Santa Cruz County.


About Ecology Action

Ecology Action, a non-profit environmental organization and consultancy based in Santa Cruz, assists businesses, governments, and utilities in creating and implementing programs for energy efficiency, water conservation, and sustainable transportation. Their mission aligns perfectly with our goals at Love to Ride.


Having Impact

Ecology Action has harnessed Love to Ride programs to make a significant impact on the local community. Together, we’ve improved residents’ health outcomes and reduced carbon emissions. Here are some impressive stats that showcase our success:

Since 2018,

  • 5,521 riders and 315 workplaces have joined the Love to Ride community.
  • 472,795 trips have been logged.
  • 5,906,235 miles have been ridden in total.
  • 253,798 kg of CO2 saved, equivalent to planting 10,152 trees.


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Expanding Our Impact in 2023

In 2023, our collaboration deepened. Ecology Action added Ride 365, the Love to Ride spring campaign, and the Winter Wheelers challenge to their program lineup. To ensure inclusivity, the Love to Ride Santa Cruz site then became available in both English and Spanish.

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A Word from Our Partner

Let’s hear from Matt Miller, the program manager at Ecology Action, as he describes what it’s like to work with Love to Ride:

Video 1: Why do we work with Love to Ride? 


Video 2: What's it like to work with Love to Ride? 


Video 3: How did we start working with Love to Ride? 


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Published on: 19, Jun 2024

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