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Creating a more bike friendly world

More and more people have been taking to pedal power over the last year. It’s a global trend we’re happy to see but even better is the data on rides for transportation purposes.

For example, following on from the workplace challenge we ran during Bike Month in the US, our data shows that new riders are averaging a distance of 4 miles when they ride for transportation



In the US, 72% of journeys less than 3 miles are car journeys. With many less experienced and less confident riders completing transportation journeys of, on average, 4 miles during the month of June, we expect to see continued positive behavior change in terms of modal shift from this cohort in the coming months.

Imagine converting a chunk of those 3-mile journeys in your area from car to bike!
You can stop imagining and make it a reality with a Love to Ride program.


PS - Who is a ‘new rider’?

When someone registers on Love to Ride we ask them some questions about their current biking habits. The most important question is “How often have you ridden a bike in the last 12 months?” Anyone who answers “Not at all”, or, “A few times” is automatically classed as a ‘New Rider’. Once we know their bike riding experience and confidence levels, we can get to work helping them overcoming their barriers, changing their behavior, and taking up bike riding.


Published on: 23, Feb 2024

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