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We're pleased to introduce the new Love to Ride data mapping tool, designed to provide transport and active travel professionals with the insights they need to make better investment and infrastructure decisions.  Together, we're making communities better for biking! This 2 minute sneak peek highlights the key features:


This Bike Month (May 2024), Love to Ride and the League of American Bicyclists are launching the “Make Every Ride Count” initiative using the new app, with the vision to:

  • encourage widespread participation in Bike Month by logging bike rides and providing LTS feedback
  • increase awareness of biking safety and infrastructure needs
  • establish a national comfort rating benchmark that that will be shared with transportation planners, vision zero professional and advocates

Want in on the fun? Pick one of these steps (or more!) to join us and help make your community better for biking:

1. Download the new rider app to track your rides and rate your comfort levels

2. Read more about the Make Every Ride Count initiative

3. Join the Bike Month challenge

4. Book a call to talk to a human!


or just fill out the form below and we'll be in touch!

Published on: 15, Apr 2024

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