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At Love to Ride we have one mission: to get more people riding bikes. One of our favorite things is hearing, direct from riders, their inspiring stories. The Love to Ride Stories feed is the best place to see the positive impact biking can have at a personal level. Here are some of our favorite stories and survey feedback..

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Carbon crushing machine

Carbon Crusher Story

Goals are great

Goals Are Great

Starting out is rewarding

"I saw some notices about the Love to Ride Florida challenge on social media and thought to myself that it would be a good thing to do...for someone else. Then, one day I bent down to pick something up from the ground and when I stood back up, I was short of breath. I remembered how much I used to love riding over two decades ago, but my current bike was not an incentive for me to start riding again as it was old and not a lot of fun to ride. So, already being overweight and having Type II Diabetes, and now realizing that I pretty much had no aerobic stamina, I found myself in the market for a new bike, well, new to me anyways. 

I purchased a refurbished bike with pedal assist. When I bought it on October 30th, it had 147 miles on the odometer. Before the bike was fully assembled, I had already signed up for the Challenge. I appreciated the challenge as a way to hold myself accountable to actually use my โ€œnewโ€ bike. Today, 34 days later, the bike has 427 miles and while the challenge might be done, Iโ€™m not! I enjoyed doing the challenge, especially collecting the badges and reading the stories of other riders! I hope there will be more Florida challenges. My favorite ride so far is riding Key Biscayne and I prefer to ride with friends than riding alone.โ€

New Rider, Florida

Encouragers are the best

Effective encourager

Once you've started, it's hard to stop

Old Girl On Two Wheels

Just a little nudge is all it takes


Fresh air freewheeling

Air Quality Improving

Pedaling for mobility

Improved Mobility

E-bikes are inclusivity machines

e-bike Convert

Mental health gains

Fake Commute for Mental Health


Check the Stories page on Love to Ride to read more inspiring stories.

It's an excellent tool that you can use to find stories from riders in your local area. You can see what people are enjoying about bike riding and even what motivated them to start riding in the first place.

We love reading through all the stories to see behavior change in action!


Published on: 15, Apr 2024

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