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You may not see them much, but our wonderful Product Team is constantly working away behind the scenes to improve and develop the Love to Ride platform. This past year we’ve seen some big, beautiful updates as well as some more delicate and humble tweaks that make everyone’s lives easier.

Read on for a quick overview of the main updates.

Frontend Changes

New Learn and Social Tabs

A screenshot of the top menu with the 'learn' tab open

The new ‘Learn’ tab is where all of our Quick Courses, Tips articles, and Videos now live. It’s a one-stop shop for advice and support on all kinds of topics, from riding on the road to taking a newbie for a ride or going for an adventure. Since we implemented this change in January, we’ve seen a 250% increase in Quick Courses completion - now that’s a result.

We’re constantly adding content, so check it out now and see what’s new.

A screenshot of the top menu with the 'social' tab open

A selection of snipped stories from the platform displayed in a scrapbook styleThe social element is what makes the Love to Ride community so supportive, friendly, and inspiring. Sharing photos and stories is a brilliant way to encourage and inspire other riders and spread the biking love. Where previously these two tabs were a bit hidden away, they have now taken their rightful place centre stage on the new ‘Social’ tab.

We believe that numbers and stats are priceless for assessing impact and trends, but it's the stories that add colour to the data and encourage more great work from us all. Get your daily dose of inspiration now by checking out the Social tab.

Workplace Profiles

Terminology Updated

There are a couple of terminology tweaks you should be aware of.

What was an ‘Office Profile’ is now a ‘Workplace Profile’.

This is more inclusive of the diversity of workplaces that take part in Love to Ride campaigns. Not everyone works in an office!

What was a ‘Parent Organisation’ is now an ‘Organisation Profile’.

A screenshot of the Love to Ride Workplace Profile

‘Organisation Profile’ refers to an organisation with multiple site locations. In the image above you can see that the Love to Ride UK office has a ‘Workplace Profile’ but ‘Love to Ride Global’ has an Organisation Profile. Love to Ride has multiple Workplace Profiles for different locations, and these all sit within the global Organisation Profile.

This ‘organisation/workplace’ terminology has been updated across the site, on both the front and back ends, and will also be reflected in reporting. That’s really all you need to know about that!

Workplace Profile Updates

Now this is a biggy. Our Product Team have really gone to town on the Workplace Profiles and made them bigger and better than ever. Here are some key updates you should know about:

New Tabs

A screenshot of the Love to Ride Workplace Profile with the new tabs highlighted

We’ve changed the way users interact with the Workplace Profile by adding a number of tabs (shown in the image above). This makes it simple and quick to do things like see which of your co-workers are riding, find out your workplace’s previous challenge results, and check out each department’s riding stats.

Info Tab

If those tabs didn’t get you excited, maybe the brand new Info tab will! It's a hub for Champions to share riding-related information with their co-workers. Whether it's information about bike parking at their workplace, Cycle to Work Scheme, help accessing a bicycle, upcoming biking-related events, or anything else, this is where it's at! Champions can choose whether to make it private or public, too.

A task for you: Start adding info to your Workplace Profile’s Info tab! Find out how Champions can do that here. If you’re not the Champ, remind them to do it instead.

New Feature: Department Leaderboards

Department Profiles now have points leaderboards during a challenge. Previously, only Workplace Profiles had these, but now Departments can be just as competitive! Here’s an example of what it will look like during a challenge. 👇

Screenshot of a department leaderboardNew Badges

Many riders tell us that they find our badges really encouraging, so we made more! Our favourite newbies relate to getting skilled-up with our course curriculum. They are awarded to riders upon completion of certain Quick Courses. See all the badges and criteria here.

Here’s a quick look at the latest additions to our badge collection:

A selection of images of new badges

Backend Updates

Remember, to get into the backend you just need to hover over the cog next to your name on the top right and select ‘Admin’.

screenshot showing admin option

Insights Dashboard

You probably know about this wonderful new feature by now, but here’s a refresher from our Product Manager Laurence.


Just log in to the backend and select 'Insights' at the top to access it. We’re still developing this to make it even better - your feedback is very welcome!

Challenge Data

We made it more straightforward to get the key data you need from the Challenges tab on the backend. There is also more explainer info for each stat and we’ve hidden some of the lesser-used stats to neaten things up. Click on the 'see more stats' button to delve even deeper into the data!

screenshot highlighting the 'see more stats' button on the backend

See Historical Challenge Leaderboards

If you want to see the leaderboard positions of workplaces from previous workplace challenges, follow these steps to find the new button:

  1. Go to the backend of the site

  2. Click on the ‘Challenges’ tab

  3. Choose a workplace challenge to view (note: this will only work for workplace challenges, e.g. Cycle September, not individual or team challenges)

  4. Click on ‘Workplace Stats’ in the top right-hand corner

A screnshot highlighting the 'workplace stats' button

Now find out who came in the top 10 previously, remind them of their victory, and encourage them to take part again!

That’s all for now, but there are many exciting developments in the pipeline, so watch this space! 

Published on: 19, Jun 2024

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