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Did you know that over half of all journeys taken in Scotland are under 3.2 miles and 15% are under 0.7 miles? This means that hopping on a bike could be a great option for many of your employees. 

In this webinar, we provide you with an overview of the variety of fantastic support services available to make sustainable travel easy and accessible to your organisation and staff! Joined by Cycling Scotland, Energy Saving Trust and Sustrans, we covered a wide range of tools, funding, programmes, advice and information to support!

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Quick jumps

  • 3:02 Cycling Scotland
  • 15:56 All about Love to Ride
  • 25:27 Energy Saving Trust (EST)
  • 40:30 Sustrans - Way to Work
  • 53:00 Your questions answered

Webinar speakers

  • Energy Saving Trust (EST) - Peter Baker, Technical Analyst
  • Way to Work - Kate Lesenger, Project Officer
  • Cycling Scotland - John Higham, Development Officer
  • Love to Ride - Angus Rodney, Business Development Coordinator

Helpful links

Here you can find links to all contributors’ websites and useful resources that provide information on how to get more working people into riding.



Cycling Scotland:

  • Register for the Cycling Friendly Employer Award and fund here.
  • Expressions of interest can be registered here.

Energy Saving Trust:

Access information about grants and loans for:

For more information contact -


Published on: 15, Apr 2024

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