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Creating a more bike friendly world

COVID19 has changed the landscape of the world we will live in.  Our daily commutes, our routines, the way we choose to move through the world and in some cases, the way we are told we can.  We’re being told to embrace the ‘new normal’ whilst we wait for ‘normal’ to return.  But will that ‘normal’ ever return?  And if it does, it’s not looking likely for a considerable amount of time.   


We’re seeing eBikes outpacing other modes in sales, slower streets initiatives, pop up cyclelanes - an attitudinal shift to the humble bike as a way OUT of crowded buses and trains and our way IN to cleaner, greener cities.  Cities who risk reversing carbon emission advances they’ve made if people suddenly all jump in a car!  There’s never been a greater time to embrace active mobility and create real change.  If not now, when?





Founder, Emerging Transport Advisors

Timothy is the founder and CEO of Emerging Transport Advisors providing strategic guidance to companies, investors, startups and governments on the active, shared, electric, connected and automated transportation.  As the former strategic partnerships manager at Google X and Waymo, he launched the world's first fully self-driving ride hail service in Phoenix.  As Chief Innovation Officer for San Francisco’s transportation agency, Timothy lead cross-functional teams to deliver high profile initiatives including; the US Smart City Challenge which met its 50% sustainable mode share

goal 3 years early. His unique insights and thought leadership draw from his varied experience and strong track record to join the dots, lead teams, build partnerships and deliver innovation.


Walking and Cycling Professional

Andrew Ross has spent his professional life working at the interface of urban planning, public health and transport. Currently he is Pedestrian Planner at the Department of Transport and Main Roads with a focus on implementing the planning actions of the Queensland Walking Strategy. From 2017 to April 2020 he was the Project Manager of Cycling Brisbane. Prior to that he worked in the UK and was responsible for setting up a program for local government called Reuniting Health with Planning


Community Travel Advisor, Behaviour Change and Road Safety Education, Christchurch City Council

Anne’s role at the Christchurch City Council covers public and active transport education and promotion, and delivering transport behaviour change programmes. She has a Master’s degree in transport and urban geography, and loves working in a space that combines her passion for cycling, public health, wellbeing, vibrant inclusive cities and environmental sustainability.


CEO, Love to Ride

Thomas has 17 year’s experience in social marketing and cycling promotion.  He piloted the ‘Workplace Cycle Challenge’ program in 2002 and has been designing and implementing successful behaviour change programs ever since.  He established Love to Ride in 2007 to bring the Workplace Cycle Challenge program he developed to the world.


Regional Manager - Asia Pacific, Love to Ride

Christina has over 15 years experience as a strategic and social marketer across a diverse range of industries.  She has led teams in agencies, developed campaigns for large MNC’s and consulted to both the private and public sectors. Christina is passionate about social impact and how effecting change in local communities can mean transformative shifts for our



Published on: 19, May 2024

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