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Fun biking challenges are central to Love to Ride’s behaviour change programme. As we reflect on 2023, we’re consistently amazed by how much positive impact our challenges have had on the participants.

But don’t just take our word for it, here are a few uplifting rider stories about their own challenge triumphs.


Anne Dick, Aberdeen City and Shire, Cycle September

Positive rider stories blog Anne

During the Cycle September challenge, I commuted every day to work on my E-bike. I also completed my longest journey to date of 50 miles - which may seem small to a keen cyclist but I was super excited because up until that point, I hadn't cycled anywhere near that amount.

The Cycle September challenge really pushed me to get out more and try and get as many miles as I could because I loved seeing the numbers increase in the leaderboards.


Niall Bristow, Lerwick Ambulance Station, Shetland, Bike Month Challenge

My colleagues are up for a challenge, often with a bit of a friendly competitive edge, so when I saw the Shetland Bike Month Challenge, I thought "We could do that." I got 3 or 4 people on board straight away and then it was a case of collective gentle persuasion to get as many participating as possible.


Shameem Dukanda, Redbridge, Cycle September

Positive rider stories blog Shameem (3)I like the challenge element of Love to Ride - setting a goal and working towards achieving it. The sense of accountability is a big motivating factor for me, especially on days I didn’t ride or the weather is poor and puts me off. I know I will feel like I’m missing out on a day's ride or logging some big mileage which helps to motivate me to get out there, as I know I will love it once I get going.

Ryan McBurney, West Lothian, Bike Month Challenge

I have combined the Love to Ride Bike Month Challenge with another personal cycling challenge that I set for myself. On the Open Cycle Map, the whole world is split up into tiles 1km by 1km. I got inspired by another cyclist I met and challenged myself to cycle every road (marked yellow, orange or red on the OS maps), and every paved cycleway in every tile that lies even partly within the Falkirk Council area (my home area).  I started this at the end of January and have now ridden approx. 527km of the approx. 580km qualifying roads. I've been to parts of the area I barely knew existed, learned connections and found lovely, slightly out-of-the-way roads.  


Silvi Gonzalez, Gloucestershire, Cycle September

Positive rider stories blog Shameem (2)
I’ve missed being part of the workplace challenge this year as I left my old employer at the start of the challenge, but I did see the name of a colleague pop up on the activity feed whom I had encouraged to join so it was great to see she was getting involved this time. September is always a tricky month for me with the anniversary of 9/11, as I lived there during that time, moving into autumn and the change of season also can make me feel a little down so to have something like Cycle September and a challenge to focus on has been great for my own wellbeing.


Louise Forey, Cheltenham Council, Cycle September

Positive rider stories blog ShameemI cycle because I genuinely do love it. I love how it makes me feel (fitter and stronger), I love how it helps me clear my mind after a busy day at work, and I love how it really is the most convenient method for me to travel from A to B within Cheltenham.

I think that the prizes in the Cycle September challenge are amazing and really motivating for people to take part. I really got on well with the online platform and found it easy to record my rides. I have had colleagues tell me that the challenge has inspired them to keep riding through the poor weather and that they have enjoyed seeing how their miles have added up over the month.


From transforming commuting habits to improving mental well-being, Love to Ride’s biking challenges extended beyond simply logging rides and winning prizes. They served as a catalyst for driving positive changes both on and off the bike. As more stories continue to unfold, we invite you to join Love to Ride and be a part of the change.


If you'd like to share your bike story, you can do so on our stories feed - you never know who you could inspire to ride!


Published on: 19, May 2024

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