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Creating a more bike friendly world

Love to Ride and The League, America’s leading bicycling advocates, announce a new 2024 Bike Month initiative – #MakeEveryRideCount. 

 Our goal with this partnership is to:

  • increase engagement in your local program  by leveraging the national marketing campaign 

  • use behavior change theory to intrinsically motivate people to join your program and help make communities more bike friendly

  • provide useful data and a current baseline to support and optimize infrastructure development

  • celebrate and encourage more people to ride bikes for transportation in your community

  • identify hotspots that help planners create safer, more bike friendly communities


Bike Month 2024, #MakeEveryRideCount:

an easy way to get people engaged in your transportation programs


We all want to have impact, and this new initiative enables us all to achieve multiple goals with one campaign - from making our communities better and safer for biking to celebrating and encouraging cycling. By partnering with the League of American Bicyclists and state and local organizations across the country, we're going to have a huge impact this Bike Month. - Thomas Stokell, CEO, Love to Ride

Rolls-Royce, Daimler and Ford Europe have all successfully implemented Love to Ride programs. Pictured here: the Rolls-Royce team after winning the global Cycle September Challenge, 2019!
The Great Ormond Street Hospital in London has successfully implemented Love to Ride programs to improve team morale, increase health outcomes, and reduce carbon emissions.

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*For a sneak peek into Love to Ride’s forthcoming data mapping tool that will help achieve these goals (by letting riders rate their routes according to how safe/unsafe they feel) please visit our recent blog post.










Published on: 19, May 2024

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