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If you’re a transportation professional who wants:

  • data to help improve road safety and the local rider experience;
  • data to help prioritize your funding and make data-driven decisions;
  • data to help make the case for a project or funding;
  • data to help measure the impact of your work on improving road safety,

…then we have a new tool that you can utilize. 

Our new ‘Rate my Routes’ tool enables people in your community to easily and quickly give feedback on how safe and comfortable they feel on each part of the routes they ride their bikes on. 

This way, you can leverage the power of your local community to help you in your work.


It’s easy for people to give feedback by rating their routes

They simply paint their routes with their finger.

Rate my Routes

Check out this 42-second video:




Mapped Data - Output Examples

As you can see in the video, we then automatically map this aggregated community feedback.

Here are some initial data views after about 40 days of this feature being released (June 11th, 2024).


Screenshot 1Screenshot 2

Video Example

Here’s an example of two short videos we made to encourage more people to help make their community better for biking by rating their routes: 


Sacramento, CA


Bristol, UK


Want data like this for your community? 

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Read more here: 

- More about the Love to Ride app and planning tools
- Initial data maps for:
   - USA
   - UK
   - Australia and New Zealand


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Published on: 17, Jul 2024

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