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2023 Product Summary

The past year  Love to Ride HQ has been buzzing with activity. We welcomed new members to our app and web development teams. Our focus has been on leveraging the expertise of our new hires to improve Love to Ride's apps and platform to enhance our users' experience and  customer results.

The team has grown to include a Senior Machine Learning Engineer, a Senior UX Engineer, and a Senior Android Developer. These additions reflect our commitment to improving our offerings and staying at the forefront of innovation. 

New features

🏫 University and School Profiles

πŸ’Ό Improved Occupation Attribution

🚴 Add a Ride From Any Page

πŸ“€ Replies to Comments Now Trigger Email Notifications

πŸ“± Android App Now Available on Our Website

🏬 Workplace Reporting 

πŸ‘¬ Meet the Product Team

πŸ‘ Product Check In Survey

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🏫 University and School Profiles

Love to Ride has recently enhanced its offerings for academic institutions. Our school and university profiles now serve as a more tailored and useful hub for workers and students alike. Now, participants can easily be identified as either co-workers or students, all while engaging together in challenges and activities.

With our updated features, you can view riders categorised by type (co-worker/student) and filter the 'top rider' leaderboards to identify those leading the pack, whether across the entire institution or specifically among co-workers or students.

As part of our ongoing improvements, we're refining workplace reports to provide academic champions with more detailed backend reporting. This includes segmentation by occupation, allowing you to explore insights such as how co-workers and students ride in different patterns and how  participation levels might differ between co-workers and students.



πŸ’Ό Improved Occupation Attribution

Underpinning some of the work on academic profiles, another key enhancement is the platform's new ability to attribute 'occupation' at a rider level. Now, riders have the option to identify as 'working,' 'studying,' 'retired,' or choose 'something else.' This inclusive approach not only caters to a broader range of individuals but also unlocks new reporting capabilities.

We're particularly excited about the positive impact this has had on our retired community, who can now comfortably express their status. It's a small but significant change that reflects our commitment to inclusivity and providing a more tailored experience for all riders.



🚴 Add a Ride From Any Page

We've introduced a small yet impactful change that allows users to log a ride or download the app conveniently from any page on our website. This means it's now refreshingly easy for all users to log their recent rides.

In our commitment to making ride logging as effortless as possible, we've also included a call-to-action to download Love to Ride's auto-logging app right from this new tool.



πŸ“€  Replies to Comments Now Trigger Email Notifications

We've made a subtle but impactful improvement: now, when someone leaves a comment on your activities or replies to your comments, you'll receive an email notification. This ensures you stay in the loop and can easily stay connected with others on the platform.

When you click the link to view the comment, the page will open directly on the activity feed, highlighting that specific activity along with its comments. This streamlined approach keeps the focus on the relevant interaction, hiding other activities for a more seamless experience.



πŸ“± The Love to Ride Android App Now Available on Our Website

We're excited to let you know that the Love to Ride app is now available for Android in open beta. You can download it here, but please keep in mind that we're in the final stages of fine-tuning.

The Android app was built from scratch using the latest technologies to ensure a great platform for all the features and services we have planned. For example, we have a feature in the pipeline called 'Rate My Routes' where riders can give feedback on biking infrastructure. Check out our CEO, Thomas Stokell, explaining it in this video.

We're also working on migrating the iOS app onto the same code base. This means both iOS and Android riders will get up-to-date versions of the app and access to the latest features simultaneously.

app side by side

(L) See your key stats at a glance; (R) Automatically track all rides 



🏬  Workplace Reporting 

Our Workplace Reporting feature has been up and running for a while. This useful addition empowers workplace champions to create more detailed and insightful reports about the riders within their workplace.

Champions can easily find the dashboard via the 'Settings' option on the workplace profile they manage. The new reports offer a wealth of information, including gender segmentation, a breakdown of trips by purpose, trips charted by time, and detailed insights into transport trips. Plus, you'll find key statistics on rider activation, education, and engagement.




πŸ‘¬ Meet the Product Team

Laurence and Christian work tirelessly to improve the Love to Ride proposition for riders and customers alike. Their mission is to engage and activate riders across the globe and to create the features and tools needed to help Love to Ride customers make their regions better for biking.



πŸ‘ Your feedback and ideas

The product team at Love to Ride is always open for feedback, workshops or informal chats. We’d love to know more about your needs and challenges so that we can best serve you and ensure you reach your goals with us. 

We’ve created a new pulse survey called the β€˜Product Check In Survey’. We will send it out to customers on a quarterly basis. It’s your chance to share some quick feedback with the Product Team and share anything that’s on your mind. We estimate it will take 1 to 5 mins to complete depending on what you choose to share. 



Other ways to engage with the team:

πŸ“© Email us at   


πŸ“… Book a video call

Thank you for your interest in the Love to Ride platform and products. We look forward to more improvements that make your riding and transportation planning experiences as easy and enjoyable as possible!

 - The Love to Ride Product Team  πŸš΄

Published on: 17, Jul 2024

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