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Creating a more bike friendly world

6 min read

Planning your programs for 2021

Back in March 2020, I remember talking with a friend about the onset of COVID- 19 and the lockdowns that were starting to take shape. He said: “It’ll probably be over by July.” A few months later, man...

1 min read

GSK Winter Wheelers Webinar

2 min read

Bike Month and Beyond webinar

In this webinar we focus on virtual engagement success stories, tips, and ideas to boost biking program engagement all year long.

6 min read

Sustaining the cycling surge webinar

COVID19 has changed the landscape of the world we will live in. Our daily commutes, our routines, the way we choose to move through the world and in some cases, the way we are told we can. We’re being...

9 min read

The 4 Fundamental Pillars of Bicycle Security

Whether you’re new to cycling, or just getting back in the saddle after a break, it’s easy to get carried away with the pure, endomorphic rush of the ride, and forget about more mundane practicalities...

Love to Ride ZOOMimonials!

3 min read

Cycle September Success In Spite of Covid-19

Key Results for CS:

7 min read

Bike-packing - exploring by bike

Applying behavior change theory to cycling encouragement 

Watch a quick overview of the Ride Relief program and how it has behavior change theory at it's core.

5 min read

How Covid-19 will influence transportation behaviour

In May, Love to Ride surveyed 10,000 people registered on the Love to Ride platform.

4 min read

Blind Spots

We’ve been learning more about, and reflecting on, how race and biases can influence transportation and biking behavior.

7 min read

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