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Transition Funding Requires Proven Cycling Schemes

England has recently received great news for cycling! The DfT’s recent announcement of the Transition Fund provides £20m of much needed revenue funding to continue the good work that’s being done by l...

3 Love to Ride Videos to Watch

Are you new to Love to Ride? Here are 3 videos you should watch to learn more about our behaviour change theory, and what is new for 2016. If you can't view the videos below, email them to yourself to...

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UK's 10 Happiest Cities are Cycling Friendly, too

Cyclists have long understood the strong link between happiness and the freedom of two wheels. Now city planners, transport officials and health professionals are beginning to catch up and there is an...

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Help Us Grow Cycling in Edinburgh

What with The Terminator himself recently going for a spin in Edinburgh, the cycling stars seem aligned for cycling success in the Scottish capital. We are delighted to be returning to the city to get...

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3 Recommendations - Given the Current UK Funding Environment

With limited funding for cycling, how can you work together with local and national partners to continue encouraging cycling in 2016?

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What We Are Doing To Maximise Available Funding

With the current funding situation, we’re doing a number things at Love to Ride to continue working with our local partners across the UK to encourage cycling:

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The 2016 National Cycle Challenge is Coming

Success in 2015 After the success of the inaugural National Cycle Challenge in 2015, we are very pleased to announce that the National Cycle Challenge will be back in 2016 to get more people in the UK...

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Atlanta, Georgia Case Study Video

In the video, the Atlanta Regional Commission (the local MPO) and the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition (local bicycle advocacy organization) talk about their experiences of running a Bike Challenge and the r...

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What We Have Planned for Love to Ride in 2016

Here's a quick 2 minute video on some of our new features coming to Love to Ride in 2016:

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What participants said...

Below are a few of the emails that we got just in the last week from people who have engaged with Love to Ride. These stories are what it's all about!

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Behavior Change Theory Links

In a CIVITAS webinar I gave today I mentioned a number of the behavior change concepts, theories and tools that we use to get more people cycling.

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Ride to Work Week 2015

Let’s get more people riding to work! If you're interested in finding out more about getting more people in your area taking up riding to work, then please get in touch and we'll send you some more in...

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