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Phillip Darnton joins Challenge for Change Board - Press Release

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Researching Cycling Behaviour - Episode 2

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New Sustainable Travel Award now open for entries

A new award has been launched to highlight best practice in sustainable travel.

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Challenge for Change staffer goes on a 2 year bike ride!

After a year and a half of encouraging other people onto bikes with Challenge for Change, James Butcher, one of our project managers, has decided it's time for him to follow his own advice and hit the...

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Challenge for Change rock the 2011 TPM Conference

Sam and Sophie wielded the Challenge for Change flag and presented at the annual TPM conference in Liverpool, which saw over 250 attendees across the two days.

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60,000 participants today!

Today, the 60,000th participant of our Cycle Challenge programmes registered on our webtool! What a milestone!

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Researching Cycling Behaviour

To date we’ve surveyed over 36,000 people in the UK about their cycling, health and travel behaviour as part of our Workplace Cycle Challenge programme. This includes more than 13,000 ‘non-cyclist’ pa...

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Cycle Challenge Results 2010

2010 was a great year and 2011 is off to a good start as well. Last year we ran 18 Challenges and so far this year we’ve run 12.

Back to the Blogging

We took a little break from using this blog as a way to promote what do and what we’ve achieved. We launched a new website ( which superseded the information we had her...

How can you get more people cycling?

Watch this short video:

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Consistent Results

The table below show 'non-cyclists' intended cycling behaviour two weeks after participating in a Cycle Challenge for five Challenges. Participants were asked to think ahead to the next 12 months in t...

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Behavioural change that you can measure

We did a 3 month post intervention survey of participants of the Swindon Workplace Cycle Challenge.

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