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Cycle Challenge Results 2010

  • by: Thomas Stokell
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Cycle Challenge Results 2010

2010 was a great year and 2011 is off to a good start as well.  Last year we ran 18 Challenges and so far this year we’ve run 12.

Back to the Blogging

We took a little break from using this blog as a way to promote what do and what we’ve achieved.  We launched a new website ( which superseded the information we had he...

How can you get more people cycling?

Watch this short video:

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Consistent Results

The table below show 'non-cyclists' intended cycling behaviour two weeks after participating in a Cycle Challenge for five Challenges.  Participants were asked to think ahead to the next 12 months in ...

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Behavioural change that you can measure

We did a 3 month post intervention survey of participants of the Swindon Workplace Cycle Challenge.

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What Participants Are Now Saying...

Here are some quotes from Participants of the Swindon Workplace Cyce Challenge.

4 min read

Success in Swindon!

The Swindon Workplace Cycle Challenge went very well and exceeded even our expectations of what a Workplace Cycle Challenge could achieve.

5 min read

More Postivie Feedback

This week we've received even more positive feedback from participants of the Swindon Cycle Challenge.

3 min read

How to Get Good Publicity

We've managed to get some pretty good media coverage in Swindon to promote the Swindon Workplace Cycle Challenge.

4 min read

Postive Feedback - It always feels good

Below is some of the feedback we've received from participants who took part in the Swindon Workplace Cycle Challenge:

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The Swindon Workplace Cycle Challenge

The Swindon Workplace Cycle Challenge is a fun, free competition designed to get more people cycling.

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Case Study

The Bike Wise Business Battle – New Zealand

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