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πŸŽ‰ Check out what we did together in 2023…

🎁 Happy Holidays and a Big Thank You! πŸ™ A Message from Love to Ride CEO, Thomas Stokell As we wrap up the year, I’m reflecting on how grateful I am for the impact that we are all achieving together....

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The League of American Bicyclists and Love to Ride Partner Up to Improve Bike Safety Across America

Love to Ride and The League, America’s leading bicycling advocates, announce a new 2024 Bike Month initiative – #MakeEveryRideCount.

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Love to Ride's Platform & Products Update, December 2023

2023 Product Summary

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The University of Washington Loves to Ride!

It's clear the staff at the University of Washington loves cycling: since 2018, 1200+ individuals from 19 different departments have participated in 17 Love to Ride events and challenges!

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❀️ Love to Ride's vision of a healthier, happier world πŸ˜€

At Love to Ride, we're on a mission to transform communities, one bike ride at a time. We aim to get more people riding bikes, more often, and for transportation. In this new 2-minute video, our CEO e...

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Rolls-Royce Reduces Carbon Emissions Using the Love to Ride Program

Rolls-Royce successfully implemented Love to Ride programs to improve team morale, increase health outcomes, and reduce carbon emissions.

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Auto Companies Encourage Employees to Ride Bikes and Reduce GHG Emissions

Rolls-Royce, Daimler and Ford Europe have all successfully implemented Love to Ride programs to improve team morale, increase health outcomes, and reduce carbon emissions.

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Sneak Peek into Love to Ride's Data Mapping Tool

We're pleased to introduce the new Love to Ride data mapping tool, designed to provide transport and active travel professionals with the insights they need to make better investment and infrastructur...

The 23 Million Mile Challenge

This year the inaugural Cycling World Championships came to Glasgow and across Scotland to showcase the Power of the Bike. This was cycling with a difference. 13 individual UCI World Championships wer...

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Success stories from around the world

Nothing compares to the positive stories and messages that our riders share on the Love to Ride stories feed and on social media. They have the power to inspire people to ride more or to overcome a ba...

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Enhancing Grant Application Success with Love to Ride

In today's competitive landscape of active transportation funding, securing grants for projects can be a daunting task. Funding programs now demand a comprehensive understanding of social equity, affo...

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9,247 workplaces took part in the Bike Month Challenge

To us, every month is Bike Month. But this year, tens of thousands of people joined us during May to take part in the Bike Month Challenge.

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