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Creating a more bike friendly world

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Winter Cycling Checklist

Winter is upon us and cold weather and shorter daylight hours can make getting on your bike seem a bit trickier. But with the right approach and some basic equipment, riding in winter can be fun - and...

Always nice to hear stories

We love hearing stories from all over the world of people and places that have benefited from our work.

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Meeting Access Fund Criteria + Winning Your Bid


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The Access Fund


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GPS Data and Bicycle Infrastructure Planning

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The National Cycle Challenge - UK

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Spring Excitement at Love to Ride

 Here are just three of the things we're excited about at the moment:

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2016 National Bike Summit Recap

Johann Weber is our Partnerships Manager, and is a PhD in Public Policy (exploring the implementation of bicycle infrastructure across the United States). He loves to help cities, regions, and workpla...

What Have We Learned? Our Smarter Travel Live Presentation

Sam and Jack from our UK team participated in last week's Smarter Travel Live Presentation. Sam's presentation on, "What have we learned?" was highly requested!

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Love to Ride and Bicycle Transportation Alliance Partner for the 2016 Bike More Challenge 

For 2016 the popular Bike More Challenge based in Portland, Oregon will be using the Love to Ride behavior change platform.

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Transition Funding Requires Proven Cycling Schemes

England has recently received great news for cycling! The DfT’s recent announcement of the Transition Fund provides £20m of much needed revenue funding to continue the good work that’s being done by l...

3 Love to Ride Videos to Watch

Are you new to Love to Ride? Here are 3 videos you should watch to learn more about our behaviour change theory, and what is new for 2016. If you can't view the videos below, email them to yourself to...

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